2022-02-09 Energy
International Symposium: 311, 11 years on - Learn about Fukushima and the world today, create a nuclear free tomorrow (March 6, 2022)
2022-01-18 Energy
261 Japanese civil Society organizations send open letter to European Commission Nuclear energy that is neither "sustainable" nor "green" should not be included in the EU taxonomy
2021-11-24 Finance
Japan Needs to Withdraw From LNG Canada - Serious Human Rights Violations In Coastal GasLink Pipeline
2021-11-10 Finance
[PRESS RELEASE] CSOs Condemn Japan’s Decision to Finance LNG Canada Project - Japan Digs Deeper into Fossil Fuels Even as the Rest of The World Moves to Phase Them Out
2021-10-30 Finance
[STATEMENT] JBIC and Private Banks Must Reconsider Decision to Finance LNG Canada Project --- NGOs Strongly Condemn JBIC’s Decision to Provide Public Finance That Ignores Climate Crisis and Rights of Indigenous Peoples Ahead of COP 26
2021-10-15 Forest
NGOs in Japan, Mozambique Request to Stop Biomass Power in Ishinomaki "New Form of Colonialism" - 400,000 ha of Land in Mozambique Used For Fuel Production
2021-10-14 Finance
Solidarity with Wet’suwet’en - Stop Gas Development That Ignores Rights of Indigenous Peoples
2021-10-07 Finance
Petisi (Tanda dukungan sebagai individu 10860 dari 114 Negara dan sebagai organisasi 114 dari 34 Negara): "Pemerintah Jepang Seharusnya Tidak Mendukung Proyek Perluasan PLTU Batu Bara Indramayu di Jawa Barat, Indonesia"
2021-10-07 Finance
"JICA Must NOT Support Coal Plant in Indramayu, Indonesia!" CSOs Submitted the Petition to Japanese government (endorsed by 10860 Individuals from 114 Countries and 114 Organizations from 34 Countries) ahead of COP26
2021-09-22 Finance
CSOs Submitted Letter Demanding Japanese Mega Banks Not Finance LNG Canada Project and Withdraw from Coastal Gaslink Pipeline Project- Take Action to Avoid Serious Violations of Indigenous Peoples’ Rights and Climate Crisis!
2021-08-06 Finance
Press Release: CSOs Submitted a Letter Demanding JBIC Not to Finance the LNG Canada Project - Do Not Violate the Rights of Indigenous Peoples or Fuel the Climate Crisis
2021-07-16 Finance
Japan must not be allowed to violate the G7 Leaders’ Statement- Supporting new Coal Plants in Indonesia and Bangladesh goes against the Agreement - CSOs Submitted the Statement to Japanese government (endorsed by 120 Organizations from 25 Countries)
2021-07-15 Energy
Video Testimonies from Fukushima in 7 Languages: Mr Itakura Masao, who returned to live in Tomioka Town, Fukushima Prefecture.
2021-06-24 Finance
Joint Statement: We Condemn Okinawa Prefectural Polices’ Unjust Investigation of Butterfly Researcher Miyagi Akino -Intimidation of Yanbaru Forests Conservation Activists Should Not Be Allowed
2021-04-14 Energy
“Fukushima”is not over:Japanese NGOs raise concern over the ongoing nuclear disaster
2021-04-14 Energy
Video Testimonies from Fukushima in 7 Languages: Mr Koike Koichi, who returned to Onami District in Fukushima City
2021-04-13 Energy
Statement: We strongly condemn the decision by the Japanese government to release contaminated water into the ocean
2021-04-05 Finance
Petisi (Tanda dukungan sebagai individu 8221 dari 114 Negara dan sebagai organisasi 112 dari 34 Negara): "Pemerintah Jepang Seharusnya Tidak Mendukung Proyek Perluasan PLTU Batu Bara Indramayu di Jawa Barat, Indonesia"
2021-04-05 Finance
"JICA Must NOT Support Coal Plant in Indramayu, Indonesia!" CSOs Submitted the Petition to Japanese government/JICA (endorsed by 8221 Individuals from 114 Countries and 112 Organizations from 34 Countries) ahead of PM Suga to Meet Biden in US
2021-03-09 Energy
Statement: Ten years after 3.11— Justice for the victims and power to the people
2021-02-11 Energy
Video Testimonies from Fukushima in 7 Languages: Mr Nakamura Jun of the Fukuichi Area Environmental Radiation Monitoring Project “As for the soil [radiation dose], it doesn't seem to have gone down very much.”
2021-02-02 Finance
Five major insurers and asset managers say they are doing engagement with Mitsubishi Corporation - NGOs call for greater efforts to make Mitsubishi Corp. withdraw from new coal-fired power plant project in Vietnam
2021-01-26 Finance
Pollution Exported by Japanese Companies: Water Contamination by Hexavalent Chromium Continuously Found around the Nickel Projects in the Philippines
2021-01-25 Finance
128 organizations from 39 countries demand Japanese government and companies to withdraw from Vung Ang 2 coal power plant project in Vietnam
2021-01-13 Finance
[Petition] Appeal for Japanese government and private sector to withdraw from Vung Ang 2 coal power plant project in Vietnam
2021-01-12 Energy
Video Testimonies from Fukushima in 7 Languages: Mr Ito Nobuyoshi, who lives in Iitate Village, Fukushima Prefecture.
2020-12-30 Finance
[statement] NGOs Strongly Oppose Decision by Japan Bank for International Cooperation to Support Vung Ang 2 Coal-fired Power Generation Project in Vietnam
2020-12-23 Finance
[Press release] Japanese environmental NGOs urge major investors to divest from Mitsubishi Corporation to protect the climate
2020-12-03 Forest
[NGO Joint Statement] Stop Biomass Power Generation with Large-scale Fuel Import
2020-11-30 Energy
[Webinar] 10 years after the Fukushima nuclear crisis (Part 4) – The reality of the workers in the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant
2020-11-13 Finance
"JICA Must NOT Support Coal Plant in Indramayu, Indonesia!" CSOs Submitted the Petition to Japanese Government/JICA (Signed by 1218 Individuals and 107 Organizations from 34 Countries)
2020-11-10 Finance
Indonesian and Bangladesh CSOs call on French government to stand firm against Japan’s support to coal in both countries ahead of the Finance in Common Summit in November
2020-10-19 Finance
Indonesian and Japanese NGOs call on both governments to stop the Indramayu Coal-fired Power Plant Expansion Project, West Java, Indonesia
2020-10-16 Energy
[Webinar] Failed nuclear export strategy – Hitachi's withdrawal from Wylfa Newydd and the current state of nuclear industry
2020-10-11 Energy
Video Testimonies from Fukushima in 7 Languages: Konno Sumio, who evacuated from Namie Town in Fukushima Prefecture
2020-09-29 Finance
Japanese environmental groups write 47 major shareholders urging divestment from Chugoku Electric Power Co.
2020-09-28 Energy
[Webinar] 10 years after Fukushima nuclear crisis – Spread of radioactive material (October 18th)
2020-09-11 Energy
Video Testimonies from Fukushima in 7 Languages: Mr Sugeno Seiji, farming organically in Nihonmatsu City, Fukushima Prefecture
2020-09-11 Energy
Announcing the launch of the “Fukusihma Mieruka Project” English website and webinar
2020-09-01 Forest
[Press Release] 35 Environmental Groups From 15 Countries Ask Shareholders of H.I.S. to Urge Them to Stop Palm Oil Power Plant - “Be a Responsible Shareholder”
2020-08-14 Forest
Submission of Request on Biomass Power Generation - Businesses with High Environmental Impacts Must be Excluded from Feed-in Tariff
2020-08-12 Energy
Video Testimonies from Fukushima in 7 Languages: The story of a mother returning to Fukushima, after several years in evacuation with her children
2020-07-31 Energy
Webinar 12 Sep 10 years after the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster – Listening to the Unheard
2020-07-11 Energy
Video Testimonies from Fukushima in 5 Languages: “We want to protect the ocean of Fukushima, for the future of the fishing industry”
2020-06-25 Finance
2020-06-25 Finance
2020-06-19 Finance
“Negative profitability” found for planned Vung Ang 2 coal-fired power plant in Vietnam by Korean government think tank
2020-06-15 Energy
Video Testimonies from Fukushima in 6 Languages Part 2 - Voices from Evacuees
2020-05-26 Finance
[Press Release] Japan Must Not Support Vung Ang 2 Coal Power Plant in Vietnam
2020-04-26 Energy
Video Testimonies from Fukushima in 6 Languages: Marking 34 years since the Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster
2020-04-14 Energy
Q and A on ‘Treated Water’ Containing Radioactive materials
2020-03-26 Finance
[Press Release] NGOs urge 51 investors to divest from Mitsubishi Corporation which promotes coal-fired power generation
2020-03-11 Energy
Statement on 9th Anniversary of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Disaster
2020-03-02 Finance
Don’t support Vung Ang 2 coal-fired power project in Vietnam with public money Japanese government must reconsider export policy including planned projects
2020-02-01 Finance
[Request Letter] Please do not support the Vung Ang 2 coal-fired power generation project in Vietnam
2020-01-23 Finance
Joint Statement NGOs applaud environment minister for expressing concerns about coal power project in Vietnam: Japanese government should stop supporting coal-fired power generation overseas
2020-01-23 Energy
Government committee should consider land-based storage of contaminated water at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant
2019-12-23 Finance
[Joint Statement] Mitsubishi Corporation increasingly isolated on coal-fired power plant in Vietnam. As major international banks and partners pull out, Japanese public and private sector must join the coal exit!
2019-12-09 Finance
Pollution Exported by Japanese Companies - The results of water analysis surrounding nickel mining sites and the nickel processing plants in Taganito in the dry season of 2019
2019-12-09 Finance
Pollution Exported by Japanese Companies - The results of water analysis surrounding nickel mining sites and the nickel processing plants in Rio Tuba and Taganito in the rainy season 2018 and dry season 2019
2019-10-30 Finance
NGOs call on JBIC not to finance the Vung Ang 2 coal-fired power plant in Vietnam STOP EXPORTING POLLUTION WITH PUBLIC MONEY
2019-10-30 Finance
[ NGO Joint Statement on Mitsubishi Corporation’s Coal Policy] We welcome its decision to not develop any new coal-fired power generation projects, but Mitsubishi should also cancel its projects that are already under development
2019-10-18 Energy
Citizens’ Committee on Nuclear Energy proposes long-term storage for treated water from damaged Fukushima Daichi plant
2019-09-17 Energy
FoE Japan objects to statement by Japan’s former Environment Minister: He undermined discussions on long-term storage of contaminated water at Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant
2019-09-02 Energy
FoE Japan's submission of public comments to the ICRP
2019-08-27 Finance
[ NGO Joint Statement on Sumitomo Corporation’s Coal Policy] Sumitomo Corporation Must Aim at Complete Coal Phase-Out to Combat Climate Change
2019-08-22 Climate
Protect the Antarctic and Southern Ocean! International debate about Antarctic Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) (Tokyo 3-Sept-2019)
2019-08-22 Climate
2019 Workshop on Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) in Korea, Japan, and the Antarctic (Seoul 28-Aug-2019)
2019-08-14 Forest
Submitted 148,000 signatures to H.I.S. - Please do not destroy tropical forests with your palm oil power plant!
2019-08-14 Forest
Joint Recommendations Regarding Biomass Power Generation
2019-08-14 Energy
Friends of the Earth Japan’s Position Regarding the Sustainability of Renewable Energy
2019-08-13 Energy
Report "Fukushima Today and Japan’s Energy Future 2019"
2019-07-02 Finance
[Press Release] International Environment NGOs Submitted Petitions Against the Construction of Henoko US Military Base Both in Japan and the US.
2019-06-28 Climate
[Press Release] Environmental Activists protested against Abe’s pro-coal policy Abe must show real climate leadership at G20
2019-06-27 Climate
[Press Release] G20 Osaka Summit: Protests Call on Japan to End Coal Giant PM Abe coal inflatable in Kobe
2019-06-20 Finance
Coal-Fired Power Plant Project in Batang Regency, Central Java, Indonesia Letter Submitted to Demand JBIC Find a Fundamental Solution to the Damage on the Marine Ecosystem and the Fishery and Suspend its Loan Disbursement for the Project
2019-06-20 Finance
Bribery involved in the coal-fired power plant project that Japan finances in Cirebon, Indonesia - JBIC must suspend its loan disbursement and conduct a through investigation into the public money use!
2019-05-29 Finance
A fatal error in JBIC’s procedure on the Van Phong1 Coal-Fired Power Generation Project
2019-05-10 Finance
Indonesian farmers visit Japan to demand the Japanese government and JBIC stop their support to the coal-fired power plant project in Indramayu
2019-05-07 Forest
SIGN-ONs: Dear H.I.S., Do Not Destroy Tropical Forests with Your Palm Oil Power Plant!
2019-04-26 Finance
Japan shamelessly continues to finance coal ignoring the voices of the local people as well as international society JBIC and NEXI should stop supporting Van Phong 1
2019-04-23 Finance
SIGN-ONs: Petition to Save the democracy and coral reef of Okinawa! "NO" to the new U.S. base at Henoko
2019-04-02 Finance
Do not Ignore the Okinawa Voice as Demonstrated in the Referendum -"No" to the New U.S. Base at Henoko
2019-03-22 Finance
Signed by 25 Organizations in 50 Different Countries - Submitted an Urgent Request Letter to JBIC
2019-03-05 Forest
H.I.S., Do Not Destroy Tropical Forests with Your Palm Oil Power Plant!
2019-02-07 Climate
【Press Release】People Power Again! Following Soga, proponents canceled their coal-fired power plant project in Sodegaura.
2019-01-17 Energy
Joint Statement: We welcome Hitachi's decision to freeze its Wylfa Newydd Project - Now Hitachi and Japan should pull out of nuclear power completely!
2019-01-09 Climate
[Press Release]Victory of People Power! Soga Coal-fired Power Plant Project is canceled!!
2018-10-12 Finance
[Press Release] 187 CSOs from around the World Call on Japanese Government to Take Quick Actions on Two Farmers Illegally Detained in Indonesia; Human Rights Abuse Intensified against Local People Protecting their Life and Environment from JICA-Funded Dirty Coal Power Project in Indramayu, West Java
2018-09-19 Finance
[Press Release] Marubeni’s Announcement on Pulling Out of Coal-Power: A Significant Step Forward, but Need to Close Loopholes to Meet Paris Goal
2018-09-03 Finance
Pollution Exported by Japanese Companies: Water Contamination by Hexavalent Chromium Continuously Found around the Nickel Projects in the Philippines
2018-07-15 Finance
STOP dumping in the Sea of Henoko, Okinawa!
2018-05-21 Finance
171 CSOs from 40 Countries Call on Japanese Government to Stop its Public Finance for Cirebon and Indramayu Coal Plants in West Java, Indonesia
2018-05-02 Energy
Urgent Joint Statement: Hitachi’s nuclear export transfers risks to both Japanese and British people while companies get profits
2018-04-27 Finance
Press Release: International petition (61 groups from 23 countries endorsed) JBIC should revoke the finance for Nghi Son 2 coal fired power plant immediately!
2018-03-16 Energy
Statement : Statement to Commemorate Seven Years since TEPCO's Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Disaster
2018-03-16 General
Statement : Stop Redtagging and Criminalising Defenders of Territories
2018-03-13 Finance
Press Release: Urgent Petition Submitted to Minister of Finance and JBIC by Environmental Groups- Exporting dirty coal fired power plants to Vietnam is against the Paris Agreement
2018-03-07 Energy
Urgent Petition : No to Hitachi's Nuclear Exports Using Japanese Public Money
2017-12-11 General
[APAC Statement]Recognise, Respect and Protect Environmental Human Rights Defenders
2017-11-15 Finance
[Urgent Statement] Objection to Japanese and South Korean Government and Companies Supporting the construction of new coal power plants in Vietnam
2017-11-14 Finance
[Urgent Statement]Cirebon Coal Power Expanstion: Japanese Groups Strongly Object to JBIC Premature Loan Disbursement, Ingoring the People’s Lawsuit to be Ready
2017-10-16 Climate
Soga needs no coal power plants – The new construction plan on a land with a history of pollution
2017-10-13 Climate
International Day of Action for Climate Justice
2017-08-09 General
International Day of the World's Indigenous People
2017-07-28 Finance
Joint Letter to JBIC: Do not finance FLNG project in Mozambique
2017-07-12 Climate
Joint Statement:NO to JICA and Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ at GCF
2017-06-19 General
Urgent Statement : Condemning the Forcible Passage of Japan’s “Anti-Conspiracy Bill” Ignoring the Rule of Democracy
2017-05-30 General
Joint Statement in Opposition to an `Anti-Conspiracy’ Bill that will Suppress Civil Society
2017-05-29 Finance
“Stop Funding Cirebon Coal Plant-Unit 2!” Indonesian Local Residents Came Over to Japan to File their Objection, JBIC Decided to Finance the Indonesian Coal Plant Project Despite the Residents’ Victory in District Court
2017-05-01 Climate
Report: Stop Coal Financing in the Asia Pacific
2017-04-20 Finance
[Urgent Statement] Expansion Plan of Cirebon Coal-fired Power Plant Project in West Java, Indonesia; Regional Court Revokes the Environmental Permit "JBIC Must Immediately Review and Repeal its Loan Agreement for the Illegal Project!" --- Japanese Groups Strongly Object to JBIC Premature Decision to Provide Financing
2017-04-14 Finance
Joint Statement condemning JBIC for its decision to finance an expansion project of Vinh Tan 4 coal fired power plant in Vietnam
2017-03-27 Finance
280 CSOs from 47 Countries Call on Japan to Reject Financing for Cirebon and Indramayu Coal Plants in West Java, Indonesia
2017-03-10 Energy
Statement: National Policies Corner Victims ---Six Years after the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster
2017-03-01 Finance
Japanese and Singaporean banks step in to finance Indonesian coal plant in face of opposition from communities and environmentalists
2017-02-08 Finance
JBIC’s Examiners Start Detailed Investigation on a Complaint Lodged by Indonesian Villagers who are Suffering the Damages to Livelihood Caused by Cirebon Coal-fired Power Plant
2017-02-06 Finance
Joint Statement by Japanese NGOs concerning Killings of Leaders of Lumad and Farmer in the Philippines (19 organization/networks endorsed)
2017-01-11 Finance
Friends of the Earth International Statement: In solidarity with peaceful protest against US military construction in Okinawa and requesting the release of Hiroji Yamashiro
2017-01-10 Energy
We need your support to help children in Fukushima
2016-12-12 Finance
Indonesian Batang Villagers Filed the Objection against JBIC“Coal-fired Power Project Made Our Life Worse and Caused Human Rights Violations”
2016-11-18 Finance
[COP22 Joint Press Release] Stopping coal financing for Indonesia crucial in the fight against climate change
2016-11-17 Finance
Indonesian Villagers Filed the Objection against JBIC “Cirebon Coal-fired Power Plant has made our life worse” Don’t finance for the Expansion Plant!
2016-08-04 Finance
Protect People and forest of Yanbaru! -Joint statement Appealing to halt construction of Helipads at Takae, signed by 155 groups from 37 countries, and 5,681 individuals
2016-07-30 Finance
Sign Now!! >Joint Urgent Statement of NGOs Opposing the Construction of the US military helipads around Takae
2016-07-29 Finance
Call Out For Global Media Support : US Marine Helipads being built in Okinawa’s most pristine forested region near Takae
2016-06-08 Energy
G7 Press Release Global Movement Calls for Japan to Stop Coal and Nuclear and Demand Ambitious Climate Goal
2016-06-06 Finance
Urgent Protest Action & Statement against JBIC's Decision to Provide its Fund for Batang Coal Plant in Indonesia
2016-05-27 Energy
Urgent Statement Regarding G7 Summit: Heads of G7 countries must face and learn from the tragedy and suffering of people caused by the Fukushima nuclear crisis
2016-05-19 Finance
80 NGOs from 39 Countries ask Japan to end fossil fuel financing by 2017
2016-04-28 Finance
Nickel plants in Philippines: Call on Japanese company to take effective mitigation against water contamination
2016-04-27 Energy
Urgent Petition: “No” to the Policy “To Use Contaminated Soil (Less than 8,000 becquerel/kg) for Public Works”—
2016-04-01 Finance
230 CSOs from 42 Countries Call on JBIC to Reject Financing for Batang Coal Plant in Central Java, Indonesia
2016-03-11 Energy
Statement calling for a nuclear-free world: 5th anniversary of the “3.11” Fukushima nuclear disaster
2015-12-12 Energy
Response to the Memorandum of Understanding on the Indo-Japan Nuclear Deal signed by Indian PM Modi and Japanese PM Abe ~Irresponsible nuclear deal that ignores the pain of the Fukushima disaster and will shake the international non-proliferation regime is NOT permissible~
2015-10-13 Finance
Joint Statement: We support Okinawa Governor Onaga's Decision to Revoke the Approval of Land Reclamation in Henoko: The Japanese Government Must Take the Public Opinion in Okinawa Seriously
2015-09-25 Finance
63 CSOs Call on JBIC to Reject Financing for Batang Coal Plant in Indonesia
2015-09-18 Finance
Batang Coal-fired Power Plant Project, Central Java, Indonesia
2015-09-04 Energy
Factsheet: Pediatric thyroid cancer cases in Fukushima Prefecture - Out of the 137 cases of suspected or diagnosed with malignant thyroid cancers, 23 out of the 25 people who were retested had been told that they were clear of thyroid cancer in the first round screening.
2015-08-11 Energy
Joint Statement to Protest Restart of Sendai Nuclear Power Plant Government does half-hearted review, downplays risks, pretends Fukushima accident never happened
2015-08-03 Finance
Indonesian Villagers Affected by Batang Coal-fired Power Plant Came to Japan to File their Objection to JBIC etc.
2015-07-28 General
Joint Statement by Japanese NGOs Against the Security Reform Bill
2015-07-03 Energy
Statement opposing the relocation of residents and calling on governments of Japan and Vietnam to halt construction plans for Ninh Thuan 2 nuclear power plant
2015-06-02 Energy
Sign the Petition to Help Mothers Who Evacuated to Protect Their Children From the Nuclear Disaster: Don’t Terminate Housing Subsidies for Evacuees!
2015-04-30 Energy
Japan’s new climate goal far short of what science and global equity requires
2015-04-28 Energy
Statement for the Energy Supply and Demand Outlook Discussion was far removed from the realities of the post-nuclear accident —public opinion is no nuclear power plant
2015-04-24 Climate
FoE Japan celebrates World Penguin Day 2015 on the way to Antarctica marine protection
2015-04-15 Energy
Public statement to Japan's NRA regarding Takahama reactors No.3 and 4
2015-03-25 Finance
Sign Now!! >Joint Urgent Statement of NGOs Opposing the Construction of a New Military Base at Henoko
2015-03-13 Finance
FoE Japan “Save Henoko” Campaign
2015-03-11 Energy
Fourth Anniversary of the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster
2015-03-10 Energy
117 children in Fukushima have been suspected of having thyroid cancer
2015-01-13 Energy
Health Management Policies Following the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Accident
2014-12-06 Energy
50 NGOs in Japan released a declaration to protest the CSC which protects the nuclear power industry
2014-11-07 Energy
Urgent Appeal: We deeply regret that Kagoshima Prefecture "approved" the restart of the Sendai Nuclear Power Plant despite 31 dissenting petitions from local residents
2014-09-19 Energy
Joint Statement: Toward the UN Climate Summit – for the world without climate change crisis and nuclear energy
2014-07-16 Energy
Joint Statement Protesting Nuclear Regulatory Authority’s Draft Approval of Sendai Nuclear Power Plant’s Conformation to New Nuclear Regulatory Standards
2014-03-03 Others
Published Best Practices and Recommendations for Waste Reduction towards Sustainable Consumption
2014-02-25 Energy
Statement: We Protest Against the Basic Energy Plan That Ignores Public Opinion
2014-02-06 Finance
America and Europe Move Away from Coal but Japan Continues to Support the World's Biggest Coal-Fired Power Plants
2013-12-20 General
Energy policy: the national debate should not be ignored
2013-12-18 General
Documentary "Nuclear Creep -Will Japan Export Fukushima's Tragedy to Vietnam? -"
2013-12-16 Energy
Statement by FoE Japan
“The Proposal for the National Energy Basic Plan (Draft)” should be retracted: A return to nuclear power and the promotion of nuclear fuel cycle is unrealistic
2013-12-03 Finance
Publications/Philippine Bio-fuel Business Documentary "Ground Melts in the Sky"
2013-11-19 Energy
Urgent Petition: Please Oppose the Japan-Turkey Nuclear Agreement: “No” to the Export of Nuclear Reactors
2013-11-16 Energy
Relief for the sufferers from the nuclear disaster! 79,856 signatures delivered to 32 Diet members
2013-11-08 General
Friends of the Earth International's new report: Good Energy, Bad Energy
2013-11-01 Energy
Energy policy: the national debate should not be ignored
2013-10-25 Energy
Japanese civil society requests that the reports of the UNSCEAR on Fukushima be revised
2013-10-16 Energy
Cabinet’s approval of the Basic Policy of the Nuclear Disaster Victims’ Support Act
2013-08-09 Energy
WE ALL SHARE OCEANS!--Please help stop the radioactive contamination of the Pacific
2013-06-09 Energy
Welcoming the UN Special Rapporteur on the right to health's report regarding the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster, and calling on the Japanese Government to accept the recommendations: Launch of a Joint Appeal
2013-06-01 Energy
United Nations Special Rapporteur, providing recommendations for the Japanese government to tighten its evacuation standards
2013-05-16 Energy
POKA-POKA Project for Fukushima Children: Share House Stay in Inawashiro Town
2013-05-16 Energy
The Nuclear Disaster Victims' Support Act–Formulate basic policy now
2013-05-01 Energy
Nuclear-Free Economics – Nuclear Energy Just Costs Too Much
2013-04-18 Finance
Water Contamination Found in the Communities surrounding the Nickel Projects in Surigao del Norte as well as in Palawan, Philippines -- The Result of Water Analysis in February 2013
2013-04-16 Energy
Citizens’ Commission on Nuclear Energy formed
2013-04-01 Energy
Let’s endorse 100,000 peoples’ declaration of ‘Genpatsu Zeronomics (Nuclear-free economics)’
2013-03-16 Energy
Two years have passed since the Fukushima nuclear disaster occurred ~ an immediate victims’ support and nuclear energy phaseout required.
2013-03-16 Energy
Urgent statement: A package of assistance measures by the government quite inadequate
2013-03-16 Energy
A dialogue with the government held, asking for a response to health problems caused by radiation exposure
2013-03-16 General
Urgent statement: A package of assistance measures by the government quite inadequate
2013-03-16 General
A dialogue with the government held, asking for a response to health problems caused by radiation exposure
2013-03-01 Energy
Fukushima Poka-Poka Project Activity Report
2013-02-28 Energy
Experts, doctors, lawyers ask for better medical care and systems to check for health effects of Fukushima nuclear disaster
2013-01-29 Energy
About the “Citizen-Expert Committee on Radiation Exposure and Health Management”
2012-11-01 Climate
Japan has a role to play in Antarctic marine protection right now
2012-09-28 Energy
Statement: Contradiction Rife Energy and Environmental Strategy
2012-09-07 Finance
Water Contamination Found in the Communities surrounding the Nickel Projects in Surigao del Norte as well as in Palawan, Philippines -- The Result of Water Analysis in April and May 2012
2012-07-28 Energy
Nuclear Accident Child Victims’ Law: Significance and issues of concern
2012-07-27 Energy
Statement: Energy Policy after the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Disaster”
2012-07-27 Energy
Urgent Statement: Ohi Nuclear Plant Reactor No 3 Restarts Despite Widespread Opposition: An Outraged Objection”
2012-06-11 Energy
Call for international protest “ Don’t restart Ohi reactors”
2012-06-08 Energy
A Request Regarding the Petition Submitted by Vietnamese Citizens Opposing Japan’s Export of Nuclear Power Plantsy
2012-04-19 Energy
Fukushima Poka-Poka Project - The second term will start in May
2012-04-09 Finance
Sludge Piled up at the Bottom of the Rivers in Palawan, Philippines and the Possibility of Adverse Impact on Ecosystem
2012-03-22 Energy
”STOP! Nuclear Power Restart” 3・23 Joint Press Conference with Citizens
2012-03-08 Energy
Citizen's Movement for Establishing the Rights to Evacuate: Watari, Fukushima and Beyond
2012-03-07 Energy
3.11 One Year After Fukushima Take Action for a Nuclear Free World!
2012-03-02 Energy
Press Briefing:Fukushima Citizens Speak Out
2012-02-24 Energy
Forty-seven Parliamentarians Signed the Petition regarding Reactor Restart
2012-02-03 Energy
POKA-POKA project, children enjoyed weekend!
2012-02-03 Energy
Only three out of fifty-four nuclear reactors are now operating in Japan
2012-01-31 Finance
Remarkable Water Contamination Found Continuously in the River in Palawan, Philippines
2012-01-13 Energy
Why We Started the "POKA-POKA Project for Fukushima Children"
2011-12-19 Energy
POKA-POKA Project for Fukushima Children
2011-12-14 Energy
Media release on nuclear cooperation agreement
2011-10-28 Energy
Request to the Committee for Nuclear Damage Compensation
2011-10-21 Energy
[Petition] Protect Children in Watari, Fukushima from Radiation!
2011-10-14 Energy
Call on the Government of Malaysia to stop its nuclear power development plan
2011-10-13 Energy
A Summary Report: Radiation Levels in Watari, Fukushima City
2011-10-06 Energy
Flash report : A Summary Report: Radiation Levels in Watari, Fukushima City
2011-08-31 Energy
Urgent International Petition: J Gov should immediately abandon its policy of promoting exports of NPPs.
2011-08-19 Energy
Violation of the Human Rights of the Children of Fukushima
2011-08-08 Energy
Statement on Peace Memorial Day: Nuclear free future for children
2011-07-28 Energy
First Meeting in Fukushima with goverment officials calling for the right of evacuation
2011-07-05 Energy
Signatures calling for discontinuance of Nuclear power poster contest
2011-07-05 Energy
Sign the Emergency Petition 02! : Protect the Children of Fukushima
2011-06-30 Energy
FoE Asia Pacific press statement "Creating Nuclear Free Asia Pacific"
2011-05-26 Energy
Sign the new Emergency Petition! : The Second Nuclear Emergency in Japan
2011-05-26 Energy
Fukushima Parents Protest at Ministry of Education in Tokyo Demand Scrapping of 20mSv Standard for Children's Radiation Exposure Make Concrete Demands
2011-05-17 Energy
Sign the Emergency Petition! : The Second Nuclear Emergency in Japan
2011-05-16 Energy
Fukushima Nuclear Disaster: Meeting with Japanese government to demand rescinding of 20mSv/y radiation exposure standard for children
2011-05-11 Energy
Urgent Request concerning Planned Evacuation Zone Classification of Iitate Village and surround areas
2011-03-18 Energy
FoE Japan Statement on Fukushima Nuclear Accident
2011-01-21 Finance
IFC Policy review: Comments on Draft Sustainability Policy, Performance Standards and Disclosure Policiy Version Two
2010-12-15 Finance
Petition Concerning Feasibility Study for Construction of Nuclear Power Plant in Viet Nam
2010-09-30 Finance
A Citizens’ Guide to Environmental and Social Guidelines of Japanese Public Financial Institutions (PDF 3.18MB; 22 pages)
2010-07-09 Finance
IFC Policy review: Comments on Draft Performance Standards and Disclosure Policy Version One
2010-03-31 Finance
A letter to Exxon regarding environmental and social considerations of Sakhalin I oil and gas development project
2009-12-09 Finance
Russian and International NGOs submit a letter to JBIC concerning
environmental considerations of Sakhalin I oil and gas development project
2009-11-16 Finance
IFC Policy review: Recommendations to IFC on Performance Standards and Policy on Disclosure of Information
2009-10-20 Finance
Sakhalin-II has pumped oil and gas for one year without proper approval for the main pipelines
2009-07-27 Finance
Public Finance and Export Insurance for Nuclear-Related Exports: NGOs Demand Rigorous Safety Assessment, Information Disclosure and Stakeholder Involvements
2009-02-09 Finance
Sakhalin II. Concern of Oil Spill - Before the first LNG export
2008-08-07 Finance
Opinion and Request on the Monitoring of the Loan to Sakhalin II Phase Two Construction by JBIC
2008-06-14 Finance
News: The anxiety for Sakhalin II, expressed by Sakhalin Whales Panel.
2008-06-11 Finance
Sakhalin II monitoring report
2008-06-11 Finance
FoE and international NGO submit the letter to request the financing judgment discontinuance from JBIC.
2008-06-08 General
World bank Casts Dark Shadow over G8
2008-06-05 General
"Climate Injustice and the Responsibilities of the G8":Biofuels, Financial Mechanisms and Forest
2008-06-04 General
G8 Leaders Urged to Dump The World Bank's Climate Investment Fund
2008-05-22 General
Civil Society Declaration to G8 Enviromental Ministers regarding deforestation
2008-05-21 Finance
SakhalinI Information on pipeline of penetration through Piltun lagoon
2008-05-21 Finance
IUCN's comment on the notice
2008-05-21 Finance
Notice by Exxon Neftegas Ltd.(IUCN)
2008-05-21 General
Civil Society Declaration to G8 Enviromental Ministers regarding biofuel
2008-04-09 Finance
Sakhalin II monitoring report
2008-03-06 Finance
Sakhalin II monitoring report
2008-03-04 Finance
Sakhalin II,public fund of U.S. and Britain not obtained. Overseas NGO press release
2008-03-04 Finance
Letter submitted to JBIC and U.S.,Britain public organizations for withdrawal of Sakhalin II financin
2007-12-10 Finance
International NGO's report on ' the environmental, social influence of Kashagan oilfield development'
2007-11-27 Finance
NGO opinion on consultant report
2007-10-11 Finance
21 international environmental NGOs submit a letter to JBIC, to stop Sakhalin II investment
2007-10-09 Finance
Sakhalin II monitoring report
2007-08-07 Finance
EBRD press release, EBDR withdrawal from Sakhalin II negociation
2007-05-18 Finance
Request for the Draft Oil Spill Response Plans for Sakhalin II
2007-04-16 Finance
Petition Letter to IUNC regarding Sakahlin II-March 29,2007
2007-01-12 Finance
EBRD no longer considers current financing package for Sakhalin II
2006-10-23 Finance
Sakhalin II Project On-site inspection Report August 2006
2006-05-19 Finance
A Review of Violations of Russian Environmental Legislation
2005-08-02 Finance
Fish protest forces Shell to delay Sakhalin oil terminal
2005-07-04 Finance
EBRD Delays Loan to Sakhalin-2 Oil Project Due to Environmental Concerns
2005-05-06 Finance
Indigenous Russians Unite Against Oil and Gas Development
2005-04-08 Finance
Open Letter asking for Clarification of IFC's Position
2005-02-07 Finance
S. I. Article Aborigines' protest action: picketing suspended, not stopped
2005-01-25 Finance
Letter from indigenous peoples in Sakhalin to JBIC Governor
2005-01-21 Finance
Legal judgement reveals Sakhalin 2's flawed green credentials
2005-01-14 Finance
Letter from indigenous peoples in Sakhalin to JBIC and 3 banks
2004-10-21 Finance
Letter to SEIC in response to the letter from SEIC
2004-10-18 Finance
Letter to SEIC regarding to the meetings in Tokyo and Hokkaido Oct. 12, 13
2004-09-03 Finance
Article by S. I.: Sakhalin1,2 operators and contractors violate Russian laws
2004-09-03 Finance
Article by SAKH. COM: Fishermen Close Road to LNG Site
2004-08-13 Finance
Letter to EBRD from Korsakov Citizens
2004-06-15 Finance
Renewables Yes! Big Hydro No! by IRN and 12 organizations
2004-06-03 Finance
Russian rage over Sakhalin project by Emerging Markets
2004-04-22 Finance
December tie-up for Sak II by Project Finance International(Dec. 10/03)
2004-02-27 Finance
Press Release: Report Exposes Deep Cracks in Seismic Risk Analysis for the Sakhalin II Oil and Gas Project
2004-02-23 Finance
Updated contents : English Documents about Sakhalin Oil Development Project
2002-02-25 Finance
NEW inspection panel for JBIC and NEXI
2002-02-13 Finance
Invite comments to draft JBIC new env guidelines until Feb. 20
2002-02-13 Finance
Stop Mining in Indian National Park and Exports for Japan!
FOEJ and ESG send a letter to Japanse PM
2002-02-13 Finance
NGO Comments on JEXIM new guidelines
2001-09-24 Finance
Kenya:Sondu-Miriu Project-NGO Coalition's Letter to the Japanese Gov. on Technical Committee
2001-09-19 Finance
The Study Group on Environmental Guidelines for JBIC completed making Recommendations for the Guidelines
0000-00-00 Finance
JBIC: A Giant of Development Finance is Born
0000-00-00 Finance
Thailand UPDC PROJECT, HIN KRUT, Coal fired Power Plant
0000-00-00 Finance
New Report on ADB-JBIC funded Indonesian Power Sector Restructuring Programme
0000-00-00 Finance
Carbon Dioxide Emission induced by Japanese ODA/OOF
0000-00-00 Finance
Japanese Official Money to rescue Asian Economic Crisis
0000-00-00 Finance
Public Funds in Export Credit and Investment Insurance