May 21st,2008

(information from WWF Russia)

The Sakhalin I project operator Exxon Neftegas Ltd. expressed the intention of the open hearing continuance concerning the pipeline construction that passed the Piltun lagoon in Sakhalin local newspaper "Gubernskie Vedomosti" on April 5,2008. This company decided continuance though NGO such as WWF Russia was demanding the refusal of the construction document from this company to Russian Federation nature Supervisory Agency in March because of the illegality of the content of holding the hearing and no consideration of the concerned opinion, etc.This company proposes, the opinion is accepted, and plans to hold the open hearing to the citizens interested within one month according to information which the company made public. WWF Russia worries about environmental risks to the ecosystem of the lagoon in development and the construction phase.WWF Russia is planning the special protection nature and region projects of an important habitat of the Piltun lagoon considering the future risk.

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Sakhalin Times
Review of the pipeline link over Piltun Bay commences