Japanese companies and government have recently showed strong interest in exporting nuclear power plant to overseas. Although we do not agree with the idea of exporting nuclear power plants to foreign countries, given the unsolved issues specific to nuclear (i.e. non-proliferation, nuclear waste, and accident response), we cannot stop it in reality and decided to make JBIC and NEXI establish one of the highest standard of the nuclear export in the world.

Although nuclear-power-related considerations as stated above were addressed in the said NGO recommendations, no such mention was made in the revised Guidelines. After our advocacy and with the cooperation of a legislator, however, the Japanese government decided to establish JBIC and NEXI guidelines relating to nuclear matters and stated that it intended to require public disclosure of information related to nuclear-power-related consideration. The Nuclear Guidelines are still under discussion and FoE Japan must continue this work.

- Petition Concerning Feasibility Study for Construction of Nuclear Power Plant in Viet Nam (December 15. 2010)

- Public Finance and Export Insurance for Nuclear-Related Exports: NGOs Demand Rigorous Safety Assessment, Information Disclosure and Stakeholder Involvements (July 27. 2009)