2021-04-05 Finance
Petisi (Tanda dukungan sebagai individu 8221 dari 114 Negara dan sebagai organisasi 112 dari 34 Negara): "Pemerintah Jepang Seharusnya Tidak Mendukung Proyek Perluasan PLTU Batu Bara Indramayu di Jawa Barat, Indonesia"
2021-04-05 Finance
"JICA Must NOT Support Coal Plant in Indramayu, Indonesia!" CSOs Submitted the Petition to Japanese government/JICA (endorsed by 8221 Individuals from 114 Countries and 112 Organizations from 34 Countries) ahead of PM Suga to Meet Biden in US
2021-02-02 Finance
Five major insurers and asset managers say they are doing engagement with Mitsubishi Corporation - NGOs call for greater efforts to make Mitsubishi Corp. withdraw from new coal-fired power plant project in Vietnam
2021-01-26 Finance
Pollution Exported by Japanese Companies: Water Contamination by Hexavalent Chromium Continuously Found around the Nickel Projects in the Philippines
2021-01-25 Finance
128 organizations from 39 countries demand Japanese government and companies to withdraw from Vung Ang 2 coal power plant project in Vietnam
2021-01-13 Finance
[Petition] Appeal for Japanese government and private sector to withdraw from Vung Ang 2 coal power plant project in Vietnam
2020-12-30 Finance
[statement] NGOs Strongly Oppose Decision by Japan Bank for International Cooperation to Support Vung Ang 2 Coal-fired Power Generation Project in Vietnam
2020-12-23 Finance
[Press release] Japanese environmental NGOs urge major investors to divest from Mitsubishi Corporation to protect the climate
2020-11-13 Finance
"JICA Must NOT Support Coal Plant in Indramayu, Indonesia!" CSOs Submitted the Petition to Japanese Government/JICA (Signed by 1218 Individuals and 107 Organizations from 34 Countries)
2020-11-10 Finance
Indonesian and Bangladesh CSOs call on French government to stand firm against Japan’s support to coal in both countries ahead of the Finance in Common Summit in November
2020-10-19 Finance
Indonesian and Japanese NGOs call on both governments to stop the Indramayu Coal-fired Power Plant Expansion Project, West Java, Indonesia
2020-09-29 Finance
Japanese environmental groups write 47 major shareholders urging divestment from Chugoku Electric Power Co.
2020-06-25 Finance
2020-06-25 Finance
2020-06-19 Finance
“Negative profitability” found for planned Vung Ang 2 coal-fired power plant in Vietnam by Korean government think tank
2020-05-26 Finance
[Press Release] Japan Must Not Support Vung Ang 2 Coal Power Plant in Vietnam
2020-03-26 Finance
[Press Release] NGOs urge 51 investors to divest from Mitsubishi Corporation which promotes coal-fired power generation
2020-03-02 Finance
Don’t support Vung Ang 2 coal-fired power project in Vietnam with public money Japanese government must reconsider export policy including planned projects
2020-02-01 Finance
[Request Letter] Please do not support the Vung Ang 2 coal-fired power generation project in Vietnam
2020-01-23 Finance
Joint Statement NGOs applaud environment minister for expressing concerns about coal power project in Vietnam: Japanese government should stop supporting coal-fired power generation overseas
2019-12-23 Finance
[Joint Statement] Mitsubishi Corporation increasingly isolated on coal-fired power plant in Vietnam. As major international banks and partners pull out, Japanese public and private sector must join the coal exit!
2019-12-09 Finance
Pollution Exported by Japanese Companies - The results of water analysis surrounding nickel mining sites and the nickel processing plants in Taganito in the dry season of 2019
2019-12-09 Finance
Pollution Exported by Japanese Companies - The results of water analysis surrounding nickel mining sites and the nickel processing plants in Rio Tuba and Taganito in the rainy season 2018 and dry season 2019
2019-10-30 Finance
NGOs call on JBIC not to finance the Vung Ang 2 coal-fired power plant in Vietnam STOP EXPORTING POLLUTION WITH PUBLIC MONEY
2019-10-30 Finance
[ NGO Joint Statement on Mitsubishi Corporation’s Coal Policy] We welcome its decision to not develop any new coal-fired power generation projects, but Mitsubishi should also cancel its projects that are already under development
2019-08-27 Finance
[ NGO Joint Statement on Sumitomo Corporation’s Coal Policy] Sumitomo Corporation Must Aim at Complete Coal Phase-Out to Combat Climate Change
2019-07-02 Finance
[Press Release] International Environment NGOs Submitted Petitions Against the Construction of Henoko US Military Base Both in Japan and the US.
2019-06-20 Finance
Coal-Fired Power Plant Project in Batang Regency, Central Java, Indonesia Letter Submitted to Demand JBIC Find a Fundamental Solution to the Damage on the Marine Ecosystem and the Fishery and Suspend its Loan Disbursement for the Project
2019-06-20 Finance
Bribery involved in the coal-fired power plant project that Japan finances in Cirebon, Indonesia - JBIC must suspend its loan disbursement and conduct a through investigation into the public money use!
2019-05-29 Finance
A fatal error in JBIC’s procedure on the Van Phong1 Coal-Fired Power Generation Project
2019-05-10 Finance
Indonesian farmers visit Japan to demand the Japanese government and JBIC stop their support to the coal-fired power plant project in Indramayu
2019-04-26 Finance
Japan shamelessly continues to finance coal ignoring the voices of the local people as well as international society JBIC and NEXI should stop supporting Van Phong 1
2019-04-23 Finance
SIGN-ONs: Petition to Save the democracy and coral reef of Okinawa! "NO" to the new U.S. base at Henoko
2019-04-02 Finance
Do not Ignore the Okinawa Voice as Demonstrated in the Referendum -"No" to the New U.S. Base at Henoko
2019-03-22 Finance
Signed by 25 Organizations in 50 Different Countries - Submitted an Urgent Request Letter to JBIC
2018-10-12 Finance
[Press Release] 187 CSOs from around the World Call on Japanese Government to Take Quick Actions on Two Farmers Illegally Detained in Indonesia; Human Rights Abuse Intensified against Local People Protecting their Life and Environment from JICA-Funded Dirty Coal Power Project in Indramayu, West Java
2018-09-19 Finance
[Press Release] Marubeni’s Announcement on Pulling Out of Coal-Power: A Significant Step Forward, but Need to Close Loopholes to Meet Paris Goal
2018-09-03 Finance
Pollution Exported by Japanese Companies: Water Contamination by Hexavalent Chromium Continuously Found around the Nickel Projects in the Philippines
2018-07-15 Finance
STOP dumping in the Sea of Henoko, Okinawa!
2018-05-21 Finance
171 CSOs from 40 Countries Call on Japanese Government to Stop its Public Finance for Cirebon and Indramayu Coal Plants in West Java, Indonesia
2018-04-27 Finance
Press Release: International petition (61 groups from 23 countries endorsed) JBIC should revoke the finance for Nghi Son 2 coal fired power plant immediately!
2018-03-13 Finance
Press Release: Urgent Petition Submitted to Minister of Finance and JBIC by Environmental Groups- Exporting dirty coal fired power plants to Vietnam is against the Paris Agreement
2017-11-15 Finance
[Urgent Statement] Objection to Japanese and South Korean Government and Companies Supporting the construction of new coal power plants in Vietnam
2017-11-14 Finance
[Urgent Statement]Cirebon Coal Power Expanstion: Japanese Groups Strongly Object to JBIC Premature Loan Disbursement, Ingoring the People’s Lawsuit to be Ready
2017-07-28 Finance
Joint Letter to JBIC: Do not finance FLNG project in Mozambique
2017-05-29 Finance
“Stop Funding Cirebon Coal Plant-Unit 2!” Indonesian Local Residents Came Over to Japan to File their Objection, JBIC Decided to Finance the Indonesian Coal Plant Project Despite the Residents’ Victory in District Court
2017-04-20 Finance
[Urgent Statement] Expansion Plan of Cirebon Coal-fired Power Plant Project in West Java, Indonesia; Regional Court Revokes the Environmental Permit "JBIC Must Immediately Review and Repeal its Loan Agreement for the Illegal Project!" --- Japanese Groups Strongly Object to JBIC Premature Decision to Provide Financing
2017-04-14 Finance
Joint Statement condemning JBIC for its decision to finance an expansion project of Vinh Tan 4 coal fired power plant in Vietnam
2017-03-27 Finance
280 CSOs from 47 Countries Call on Japan to Reject Financing for Cirebon and Indramayu Coal Plants in West Java, Indonesia
2017-03-01 Finance
Japanese and Singaporean banks step in to finance Indonesian coal plant in face of opposition from communities and environmentalists
2017-02-08 Finance
JBIC’s Examiners Start Detailed Investigation on a Complaint Lodged by Indonesian Villagers who are Suffering the Damages to Livelihood Caused by Cirebon Coal-fired Power Plant
2017-02-06 Finance
Joint Statement by Japanese NGOs concerning Killings of Leaders of Lumad and Farmer in the Philippines (19 organization/networks endorsed)
2017-01-11 Finance
Friends of the Earth International Statement: In solidarity with peaceful protest against US military construction in Okinawa and requesting the release of Hiroji Yamashiro
2016-12-12 Finance
Indonesian Batang Villagers Filed the Objection against JBIC“Coal-fired Power Project Made Our Life Worse and Caused Human Rights Violations”
2016-11-18 Finance
[COP22 Joint Press Release] Stopping coal financing for Indonesia crucial in the fight against climate change
2016-11-17 Finance
Indonesian Villagers Filed the Objection against JBIC “Cirebon Coal-fired Power Plant has made our life worse” Don’t finance for the Expansion Plant!
2016-08-04 Finance
Protect People and forest of Yanbaru! -Joint statement Appealing to halt construction of Helipads at Takae, signed by 155 groups from 37 countries, and 5,681 individuals
2016-07-30 Finance
Sign Now!! >Joint Urgent Statement of NGOs Opposing the Construction of the US military helipads around Takae
2016-07-29 Finance
Call Out For Global Media Support : US Marine Helipads being built in Okinawa’s most pristine forested region near Takae
2016-06-06 Finance
Urgent Protest Action & Statement against JBIC's Decision to Provide its Fund for Batang Coal Plant in Indonesia
2016-05-19 Finance
80 NGOs from 39 Countries ask Japan to end fossil fuel financing by 2017
2016-04-28 Finance
Nickel plants in Philippines: Call on Japanese company to take effective mitigation against water contamination
2016-04-01 Finance
230 CSOs from 42 Countries Call on JBIC to Reject Financing for Batang Coal Plant in Central Java, Indonesia
2015-10-13 Finance
Joint Statement: We support Okinawa Governor Onaga's Decision to Revoke the Approval of Land Reclamation in Henoko: The Japanese Government Must Take the Public Opinion in Okinawa Seriously
2015-09-25 Finance
63 CSOs Call on JBIC to Reject Financing for Batang Coal Plant in Indonesia
2015-09-18 Finance
Batang Coal-fired Power Plant Project, Central Java, Indonesia
2015-08-03 Finance
Indonesian Villagers Affected by Batang Coal-fired Power Plant Came to Japan to File their Objection to JBIC etc.
2015-03-25 Finance
Sign Now!! >Joint Urgent Statement of NGOs Opposing the Construction of a New Military Base at Henoko
2015-03-13 Finance
FoE Japan “Save Henoko” Campaign
2014-02-06 Finance
America and Europe Move Away from Coal but Japan Continues to Support the World's Biggest Coal-Fired Power Plants
2013-12-03 Finance
Publications/Philippine Bio-fuel Business Documentary "Ground Melts in the Sky"
2013-04-18 Finance
Water Contamination Found in the Communities surrounding the Nickel Projects in Surigao del Norte as well as in Palawan, Philippines -- The Result of Water Analysis in February 2013
2012-09-07 Finance
Water Contamination Found in the Communities surrounding the Nickel Projects in Surigao del Norte as well as in Palawan, Philippines -- The Result of Water Analysis in April and May 2012
2012-04-09 Finance
Sludge Piled up at the Bottom of the Rivers in Palawan, Philippines and the Possibility of Adverse Impact on Ecosystem
2012-01-31 Finance
Remarkable Water Contamination Found Continuously in the River in Palawan, Philippines
2011-01-21 Finance
IFC Policy review: Comments on Draft Sustainability Policy, Performance Standards and Disclosure Policiy Version Two
2010-12-15 Finance
Petition Concerning Feasibility Study for Construction of Nuclear Power Plant in Viet Nam
2010-09-30 Finance
A Citizens’ Guide to Environmental and Social Guidelines of Japanese Public Financial Institutions (PDF 3.18MB; 22 pages)
2010-07-09 Finance
IFC Policy review: Comments on Draft Performance Standards and Disclosure Policy Version One
2010-03-31 Finance
A letter to Exxon regarding environmental and social considerations of Sakhalin I oil and gas development project
2009-12-09 Finance
Russian and International NGOs submit a letter to JBIC concerning
environmental considerations of Sakhalin I oil and gas development project
2009-11-16 Finance
IFC Policy review: Recommendations to IFC on Performance Standards and Policy on Disclosure of Information
2009-10-20 Finance
Sakhalin-II has pumped oil and gas for one year without proper approval for the main pipelines
2009-07-27 Finance
Public Finance and Export Insurance for Nuclear-Related Exports: NGOs Demand Rigorous Safety Assessment, Information Disclosure and Stakeholder Involvements
2009-02-09 Finance
Sakhalin II. Concern of Oil Spill - Before the first LNG export
2008-08-07 Finance
Opinion and Request on the Monitoring of the Loan to Sakhalin II Phase Two Construction by JBIC
2008-06-14 Finance
News: The anxiety for Sakhalin II, expressed by Sakhalin Whales Panel.
2008-06-11 Finance
Sakhalin II monitoring report
2008-06-11 Finance
FoE and international NGO submit the letter to request the financing judgment discontinuance from JBIC.
2008-05-21 Finance
SakhalinI Information on pipeline of penetration through Piltun lagoon
2008-05-21 Finance
IUCN's comment on the notice
2008-05-21 Finance
Notice by Exxon Neftegas Ltd.(IUCN)
2008-04-09 Finance
Sakhalin II monitoring report
2008-03-06 Finance
Sakhalin II monitoring report
2008-03-04 Finance
Sakhalin II,public fund of U.S. and Britain not obtained. Overseas NGO press release
2008-03-04 Finance
Letter submitted to JBIC and U.S.,Britain public organizations for withdrawal of Sakhalin II financin
2007-12-10 Finance
International NGO's report on ' the environmental, social influence of Kashagan oilfield development'
2007-11-27 Finance
NGO opinion on consultant report
2007-10-11 Finance
21 international environmental NGOs submit a letter to JBIC, to stop Sakhalin II investment
2007-10-09 Finance
Sakhalin II monitoring report
2007-08-07 Finance
EBRD press release, EBDR withdrawal from Sakhalin II negociation
2007-05-18 Finance
Request for the Draft Oil Spill Response Plans for Sakhalin II
2007-04-16 Finance
Petition Letter to IUNC regarding Sakahlin II-March 29,2007
2007-01-12 Finance
EBRD no longer considers current financing package for Sakhalin II
2006-10-23 Finance
Sakhalin II Project On-site inspection Report August 2006
2006-05-19 Finance
A Review of Violations of Russian Environmental Legislation
2005-08-02 Finance
Fish protest forces Shell to delay Sakhalin oil terminal
2005-07-04 Finance
EBRD Delays Loan to Sakhalin-2 Oil Project Due to Environmental Concerns
2005-05-06 Finance
Indigenous Russians Unite Against Oil and Gas Development
2005-04-08 Finance
Open Letter asking for Clarification of IFC's Position
2005-02-07 Finance
S. I. Article Aborigines' protest action: picketing suspended, not stopped
2005-01-25 Finance
Letter from indigenous peoples in Sakhalin to JBIC Governor
2005-01-21 Finance
Legal judgement reveals Sakhalin 2's flawed green credentials
2005-01-14 Finance
Letter from indigenous peoples in Sakhalin to JBIC and 3 banks
2004-10-21 Finance
Letter to SEIC in response to the letter from SEIC
2004-10-18 Finance
Letter to SEIC regarding to the meetings in Tokyo and Hokkaido Oct. 12, 13
2004-09-03 Finance
Article by S. I.: Sakhalin1,2 operators and contractors violate Russian laws
2004-09-03 Finance
Article by SAKH. COM: Fishermen Close Road to LNG Site
2004-08-13 Finance
Letter to EBRD from Korsakov Citizens
2004-06-15 Finance
Renewables Yes! Big Hydro No! by IRN and 12 organizations
2004-06-03 Finance
Russian rage over Sakhalin project by Emerging Markets
2004-04-22 Finance
December tie-up for Sak II by Project Finance International(Dec. 10/03)
2004-02-27 Finance
Press Release: Report Exposes Deep Cracks in Seismic Risk Analysis for the Sakhalin II Oil and Gas Project
2004-02-23 Finance
Updated contents : English Documents about Sakhalin Oil Development Project
2002-02-25 Finance
NEW inspection panel for JBIC and NEXI
2002-02-13 Finance
Invite comments to draft JBIC new env guidelines until Feb. 20
2002-02-13 Finance
Stop Mining in Indian National Park and Exports for Japan!
FOEJ and ESG send a letter to Japanse PM
2002-02-13 Finance
NGO Comments on JEXIM new guidelines
2001-09-24 Finance
Kenya:Sondu-Miriu Project-NGO Coalition's Letter to the Japanese Gov. on Technical Committee
2001-09-19 Finance
The Study Group on Environmental Guidelines for JBIC completed making Recommendations for the Guidelines
0000-00-00 Finance
JBIC: A Giant of Development Finance is Born
0000-00-00 Finance
Thailand UPDC PROJECT, HIN KRUT, Coal fired Power Plant
0000-00-00 Finance
New Report on ADB-JBIC funded Indonesian Power Sector Restructuring Programme
0000-00-00 Finance
Carbon Dioxide Emission induced by Japanese ODA/OOF
0000-00-00 Finance
Japanese Official Money to rescue Asian Economic Crisis
0000-00-00 Finance
Public Funds in Export Credit and Investment Insurance