2007. 11. 27
The Sakhalin II project review report on, health, safety, environment, and social (HSES) that was executed by the project operator in Sakhalin II byconsignating to the consultant company AEA and made public to the site of SEIC October 9. This report is an evaluaation the comparison of results of the Sakhalin energy company concerning HSES to an inclusive standardguideline, a legal requirement, and an international agreement and the agreement ).

United States NGO that had worked on the solution of the environment and social issues with Sakhalin II project, a Pacific environment, and NGO and a Sakhalin environmental watch of Sakhalin brought the opinion of NGO to the AEA report and the criticism together, and submitted to the financing institutio.

Opinion and criticism of NGO concerning AEA report
The original (English) is here.