March 16, 2013

Two years have passed since the March 11 disaster. We heartily pray for the repose of soul of those whose precious lives were taken by the earthquake and tsunami and the prolonged aftermath of the nuclear radiation accident. We also sincerely hope that peaceful days will become reality for all of you without a moment’s delay.

FoE Japan has continued and will continue its activities with you aiming at the realization of the earliest possible relief to the victims and nuclear energy phaseout. It is now two years since the nuclear power plant accident occurred. We sorted out current problems and put FoE Japan’s understanding and thoughts together. Please look over our report.

1. The circumstances around the victims by the nuclear accident have been getting severer.
- The support for evacuees has been terminated ~now is the very time to give the evacuees an immediate support.
- Nuclear Disaster Victims’ Support Act should be put in force.
- Health problem is serious ~ an establishment of a broad system to have a clear grasp of victims’ health condition is required.

2. On the basis of the lesson learnt from the nuclear accident, Japan should promptly get rid of the state depending on nuclear energy.
- Do not ignore the public consensus on nuclear-free society shown in the ‘national debate’ last year.
- It will lead to the construction of another safety myth ?
- Do not leave the burden to the future generation. Get rid of such a state as depending on nuclear power now.

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