April 16, 2013

Citizens’ Commission on Nuclear Energy (Secretariat: The Takagi Fund for Citizen Science) was launched on April 15th 2013. It is a citizen-led body with think tank functions that will provide policy recommendations with an aim to realize nuclear power free society.

The commission is going to set up working groups to study the four agendas below, through which it will compile “Framework for Nuclear Energy Phaseout Policy” targeting to be completed in March 2014. The commission intends to spread the outcome widely to the citizens and make proposals to the concerned organizations (mainly such as Reconstruction Agency, Japan Atomic Energy Commission, Advisory Committee for Natural Resources and Energy, Nuclear Regulation Authority, etc.)

4 agendas:
Working Group 1: What to do with the measures against the stricken areas of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant Disaster and its assistance for the victims.
Working Group 2: What to do with management and disposal of spent nuclear fuel and nuclear waste.
Working Group 3: What to do with the specific road map to realize nuclear power free society.
Working Group 4: What to do with nuclear regulations on the premise of nuclear energy phaseout.

From FoE Japan, Kanna MITSUTA will participate as a commission member, to present a perspective as a person being involved in issues specifically around Fukushima. YOSHIDA will also participate as a member of Working Group 3. We hope to liaise with citizens’ movements and concerned networks which we have been collaborating with each other up to now.

Link to the website of Citizens’ Commission on Nuclear Energy
English page:> https://www.ccnejapan.com/?page_id=1416

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