January 11, 2021
FoE Japan
Peace Boat

The environmental NGO Friends of the Earth Japan (FoE Japan), in cooperation with the NGO Peace Boat, have launched the next in their series of video testimonies of the current situation in Fukushima in various languages.

The eighth instalment in the series, this latest video features an interview with Mr Ito Nobuyoshi, who lives in Iitate Village, Fukushima Prefecture. It is being released in English, French, Chinese (traditional and simplified), Korean, German and Spanish, adding to the original Japanese.

Having retired and moved to Fukushima, Mr Ito says, "I could farm for just one year, in 2010. I made 8 tons of rice. That's why I am an "apprentice farmer,"

On the policies of the village and Japanese government, Mr Ito shares his concern that "they never talk about the risk of radiation exposure," which is "very frustrating."

Even now, despite high radiation levels, Iitate Village is host to a variety of complicated problems, such as the construction of a new certified kindergarten and sports facilities in efforts to encourage young people to the area. Mr Ito continues to observe these issues up close.

Please listen to this testimony, to hear the voices and ongoing situation of the community in Fukushima (8 mins 45 sec).

English  https://youtu.be/jpkzQnei7kE

French  https://youtu.be/hTmh4XRzuyY

Korean  https://youtu.be/9d7Q-9MWrQQ

Chinese (traditional) https://youtu.be/O3Ag0RbqPk8

Chinese (simplified) https://youtu.be/cThf7oxK5V0

German  https://youtu.be/qdrCCDC6_RE

Spanish  https://youtu.be/3F2LgmGhYa0

Japanese https://youtu.be/H1Jtebz09Dw

“Mieruka Project” Homepage (Other testimonies): https://311mieruka.jp/index_en