November 16, 2013

On November 12th, the action, named “November 12th, let’s deliver our voice to the diet: call for relief for the sufferers of the nuclear disaster,” was held. (It was administrated by FoE Japan.) The sufferers and their supporters gathered from all over Japan, including Fukushima, Miyagi, Chiba, Hokkaido, Shizuoka, Tokyo, and Kanagawa. There were about 200 participants in the action. They shared reports on the current status and regional situations as well as presented action recommendations.

Then, they departed from Hibiya Park to the National Diet Building.

Wearing orange bandannas, 150 people marched to the meeting site with Diet members, calling out “Implement the support act!“, “Listen to the voice of the sufferers!”, “Listen to the voice from Fukushima!”, “Retract the 20mSv-per-year limit!” and ”Keep the 1mSv-per year limit!”

32 Diet members from different political parties welcomed us, giving a big hand and warm speech. It was very touching.

79,856 signatures were handed in to the diet members.

There were two petition items:
1. implementation of sufficient and concrete measures regarding the Nuclear Disaster Victims’ Support Act;
2. establishment of a special legislation to fundamentally resolve prescription problems on compensation claims. Please see the details of this action from the link below. (KannaMitsuta)

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November 12th, delivering our voice to the diet: calling for the relief of the sufferers from the nuclear disaster.

Calling for actions to the Diet: 79,856 signatures delivered to 32 Diet members.

Petition items are as follows:
1) Implement adequate and concrete measures regarding the Nuclear Disaster Victims’ Support Act.

* Broaden the coverage of support to all of Fukushima prefecture and areas exposed to additional 1mSv/year or more and provide appropriate support for the residents in those areas according to their choices (whether to evacuate or to stay within the area).

* Establish a permanent organization to incorporate feedback from disaster victims and supporters in implementing the Act.

* Create a health-care framework under the auspices of the national government that enrolls a wide range of specialists and victims in Fukushima and other prefectures.

2) Legislate a special law to fundamentally resolve prescription problems on compensation claims.

* Do not apply the three-year, short-term extinctive prescription to disaster victims’ compensation claims.

* Do not apply the twenty-year exclusion period (after which compensation claims will be nullified) to the victims of the disaster.

* Grant all disaster victims sufficient time to fully exercise their right to seek compensation without excessive burden.

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