May 16, 2013

“Temporarily evacuate children at least until decontamination operations work”.

Encouraged by such serious voices by parents in Fukushima prefecture, FoE Japan has started POKA-POKA Project for Fukushima Children. The Project has received a total of 3,000 participants during 2012 January and 2013 March.

In Nakadori area, including Fukushima City and Date City, there are still many hot spots, and decontamination operations are efficient in limited part of the area. The needs for the Project has been growing among those people, who have to stay within the area due to work demands and family needs, for its accessibility on weekend.

We have launched a new communal self-catering program at a share house in Inawashiro Town, which is closed as a pension with the sleep-in capacity of 30. In the program, participants experienced cooking, the nature and exchange party through their cooperation as well as enjoyed nature strolling in the Town with full bloom under beautiful weather.

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