January 28, 2012

Last year we launched the POKA-POKA project to provide Fukushima children living in severely contaminated areas with temporary evacuation, short stay at hotels in Tsuchiyu Hot Springs where radiation levels are low. Thanks to generous donations from people across Japan and abroad, we were able to host the first group of children and their families at hotels in Tsuchiyu Hot Springs this weekend.

So far, we have received donations of about six million yen. (Our goal is to raise ten million yen.) We are using the donations to subsidize accommodation and transportation expenses of POKA-POKA project participants.

In addition to raising funds for the project, we are also requesting people to donate uncontaminated (preferably organic) food for children and their families staying at hotels in Tsuchiya Hot Springs. We are also asking for donation of winter sports clothing that children can use to play outside during their stay.

We appreciate your continuing support for the project to help children and their families spend some time in the safe environment free from fear of nuclear contamination.

Kanna Mitsuta

>> Evacuation has started on January 27th!

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