A package of assistance measures by the government quite inadequate

March 16, 2013

Today, the government announced “a package of assistance measures for victims caused by the nuclear disaster – towards the expansion of the assistance for voluntary evacuees including children”. According to the Reconstruction Minster, Takumi Nemoto, necessary measures by the Nuclear Disaster Victims’ Support Act were covered in this assistance measures.

However, this package is quite insufficient as it does not reflect the principles of the Nuclear Disaster Victims’ Support Act that recognizes “a right to avoid radiation exposures,” nor bring in serious situations of many victims and evacuees. For instance the package covers free drives on the highways by the mother-and-children evacuees, but the number of contents is limited as a new measure for the voluntary evacuees. As for health care, the package does tell a continuous implementation of the program such as the Fukushima Health Management Survey but not more than that.

FoE Japan together with other citizen organizations issued an urgent statement today. What is requested now is an establishment of basic policy and reinforcement of the assistance measures which reflect the principles of the Support Act.

For the urgent statement, please visit the link below.
>https://www.foejapan.org/energy/news/130315.html (Japanese language only)

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