Let’s endorse 100,000 peoples’ declaration of ‘Genpatsu Zeronomics (Nuclear-free economics)’

April 1, 2013

‘Genpatsu Zeronomics’ campaign:
1) The voice from the Japanese people hoping for ‘No nukes’ was revealed in the national debate concerning the future energy and environmental policy during the summer of 2012. These opinions will be visualized and delivered to the Abe administration. Let’s collect the signature of endorsement for Genpatsu Zeronomics from 100,000 people by June!

2) In addition, another aim is to involve young people into the campaign. To achieve this aim, we will try to; • fundamentally reexamine the economical feasibility of nuclear power and the current nuclear-dependent society, • show in an easy-to-understand way the merits of transforming the present energy system into the decentralized model.

The kickoff symposium for ‘Genpatsu Zeronomics’ was held on March 27th. More than 150 people participated in the symposium and listened to the lectures from Professor Masaru Kaneko and Tetsunari Iida. The participants shared the hope for making a shift from the current nuclear power-dependent energy system that is enormously uneconomical into the decentralized model.

The campaign mascot ‘Zeronomikuma Kun (Zeronomics Bear)’ will also join the various activities such as going on a tour all over the country.

Click the link below to see the details of the kickoff symposium.
>https://blog.canpan.info/foejapan/archive/136  (Japanese language only)

Click the link below to see the details of the campaign.
English page: >https://zeronomics.wordpress.com/2013/04/06/en/

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