May 1, 2013

A recent publication “Nuclear Power Just Costs Too Much” is causing a major stir on the Genpatsu Zeronomics (nuclear-free economic policy) Facebook page. The self-funded pamphlet produced by Kosai City mayor, Hajime Mikami, shows clearly that nuclear power actually costs over 100 or 200 yen per kilowatt/hour. This is factoring in the cost of the Rokkasho Village nuclear facilities, nuclear waste storage for 100,000 years, and insurance for decommissioning and liability.

If we restart the reactors, and continue relying on nuclear power, we are not only continuing to create nuclear waste, but also continuing to live with the threat of another accident. We also have to note that this is with new regulatory standards that did not make any fundamental changes to the status quo ante.

Nuclear power does not add up economically either. We need to change course and create a system that no longer relies on it. Small-scale, decentralized Genpatsu Zeronomics programs can be launched by local communities, local governments,and local residents. Promising moves are already being seen in many areas across the country.

Endorse the Genpatsu Zeronomics Campaign - Target 100,000!

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Report on “Genpatsu Zeronomics – The Cost and Economic Viability of Nuclear Power” (April 16, 2013)
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