18, 2013

“Nuclear Creep -Will Japan Export Fukushima's Tragedy to Vietnam ? -”


While the contaminations of Fukushima Nuclear power plant accident keeps expanding, Japanese government is promoting to export nuclear power technology abroad.

Nuclear power plants building are in progress in Vietnam. This documentary tells you local people's thoughts as well as Fukushima's current situation and local's voice.

Documentary-“Creeping Up Nuclear Power” -Do we really export Fukushima's dilemma to Vietnam?-”

2012/Director Shinsuke Nakai/FoE Japan/26 minutes


Nuclear power plants are building overseas especially in newly developing countries. Japan is promoting to export nuclear power technology saying “nuclear power is essential to stop global warming as it emits less green house effect gas”. Japan is also actively supporting to build nuclear power plants overseas to secure the emission allowance.

Do local people from building sites understand nuclear power and Fukushima accident properly? What do they have in mind about nuclear power plants building? We visited scheduled sites for nuclear power plants in Vietnam.

On the other hand, Fukushima nuclear power plant accident hasn't ended yet. While many people fled from their hometowns due to the accident, some can't evacuate even if they want to. This documentary tells the reality and voice from locals.

Profile: Director Shinsuke Nakai

Shinsuke Nakai was born in 1967 in Kyoto. From1993, he started to shoot photos of the slam of Philippines and U.S. military base in the former site and published them in newspapers and magazines. He got a prize of Asia Wave Award in 1996. He started video interviews from 1999 and published them in TBS (Tokyo Broadcasting System Television Inc). He stared film production about environmental issues and base issues in Asia since 2001. He got the International Human Rights Materials Encourage Business Award 2006 in “Ganbare Fanseuru.” In “Tears of Nanai” the Koenzi Documentary Festival Prize (2010), Fukui Film Festival Special Jury Prize (2010).

Message from director Shinsuke Nakai

Japanese government decide to export nuclear power to Vietnam, yet Fukushima nuclear power plant accident hasn't ended. This is not morally right.

The scheduled nuclear power plant building sites are beautiful, flourished with agriculture or fishery. Most of the local people claim that they don't want to leave their own lands. However, they chose to move to the land only 1km away from the scheduled site, because they don't have proper understanding about how dangerous nuclear power is.

What will happen to them if nuclear power plants scheduled to build in Vietnam cause accidents? When I think about it, a cold chill run down my spine. Massive amount of money is financed from our tax to export nuclear power, and Japanese people responsible for nuclear power in Vietnam.

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