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Did you know that millions of tons of soil and sand are about to be dumped into Oura Bay, Henoko this August? If it goes ahead, it will be the most destructive stage of the construction of Henoko's new US Military base in Okinawa.

Oura Bay is home to myriads of creatures. Its unique topography, which includes mangrove forests, tidelands, seagrass beds, sands, mud flats and coral reefs, together with the rivers running into it from Yambaru Forest, sustain a rich ecosystem. It is a habitat for more than 5,300 species, 262 of which are endangered, including critically endangered dugongs and recently discovered large colonies of blue coral (Heliopora coerulea).

We are deeply concerned by this impending ecocide.

Previously spotted dugongs have not been seen since the commencement of the site surveys and construction. Rare species of corals such as Porites okinawensis Veron and Stylaraea observed in and around the area to be reclaimed are also under threat. Okinawa Defence Bureau has been dumping rocks without taking any measures to protect these Stylaraea, destroying the seagrass beds nearby. The construction of embankments puts the Porites Okinasensis Veron at serious risk.

The Okinawa prefectural government claims that the forced construction is illegal and has requested its halt, which the central government ignores.

We must act now to stop the dumping which will destroy sea life.

Recent facts which have come to light suggest the site is not suitable for the planned construction.

Firstly, the seafloor of the scheduled reclamation area towards Oura Bay is as soft as ‘mayonnaise' down to 30 metres. According to the geotechnical investigation conducted by the Okinawa Defence Bureau, many of the spots at the scheduled site indicated N-values of ‘0' (zero) - very soft. It will be an extremely costly and lengthy process to reinforce such a seafloor and the impact on the environment will be enormous and irreversible.

Secondly, researchers have pointed out that there is an active fault lying directly underneath the eastern side of the scheduled site, an ‘inconvenient truth' which the Japanese central government has not yet acknowledged. If the active fault slips, earthquakes will follow, which could result in the destruction of the base sitting right above.

The people of Okinawa want to protect sea life, the peaceful lives of the residents, and the future of Okinawa's children. Their voice was expressed clearly through local elections but, having been ignored repeatedly by the national government, they have had no choice but to participate in sit-ins at the base gate to slow down the vehicles carrying in the construction materials and equipment.

We sincerely request you exercise your right as global citizens to help protect the ‘sea of life' at Oura Bay, allowing it to survive into the future.

It is not too late. The damage carried out so far is reversible if we can stop further dumpings from taking place.

We demand the Japanese government immediately ceases all construction in the sea of Henoko and the dumping of soil and sand into Oura bay.

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