October 12, 2018

Friends of the Earth Japan
People Against Wylfa B

Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe
Prime Minister of U.K. Teresa May
CEO of Hitachi, Toshiaki Higashihara
Stop Wylfa Nuclear Project

We, undersigned people and organisations, demand the cancellation of Hitachi’s nuclear power plant project on the Isle of Anglesey, Wales.

The Isle of Anglesey is a very beautiful place: farmers have cultivated the lands here for thousands of years: there is unspoiled nature including a colony of Arctic terns which are protected under EU law.The island is a stronghold of the distinctive Welsh culture and language. The nuclear project will destroy all these invaluable legacies.

Were a nuclear accident to happen, it could contaminate a wide region including Anglesey. People could lose their homes and the local economy could be destroyed.

The U.K., like Japan, has no solution to the problem of how to deal with highly radioactive waste. The project will inevitably generate untreatable contaminated waste and pass that legacy to future generations.

Renewable energy has been developed dramatically in the U.K.. The strike price for offshore wind power is almost half that of Hinkley Point C. Moreover, energy demand in the U.K. is decreasing. There is no reason for the U.K to build new nuclear power plant.

It is said that the cost of Wylfa is 3 trillion yen. Hitachi is asking the U.K. and Japanese government for financial support. Providing fiscal support or public finance for the project transfers risks and cost to the public. Whilst austerity measures cut necessary services such as education and welfare, it is wrong to put money into nuclear power.

 In Japan, due to TEPCO’S Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident, many people have lost their homes, land, livelihood and community cohesion. Local society and the economy were devastated by the nuclear disaster. TEPCO is technically in bankruptcy and now nationalised. No one can foresee the end of the disaster. Contaminated soils and water are being produced without solutions for their disposal.

Please don't ignore this reality. Do not produce any more radioactive wastes and pull out of the nuclear industry for the sake of future generations.

Petition drafted by Friends of the Earth Japan and PAWB-People Against Wylfa B

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Friends of the Earth Japan
Ayumi Fukakusa

People Against Wylfa B
Dylan Morgan