Month Date Hiking Trail Leader
12 1(sun) Tama-hills / Machida Masao Ishimori
8(sun) Katsuragi-kannon Otakatori-yama / Okumusashi Toshimi
22(sun) Mt.Jimba Mt.Takao / Takao Lin
1 5(sun) Miura Fuji / Miura Tomio Ego
12(sun) Mt.Futago Mt.Hatake / Kamakura Koichi Miyashita
19(sun) Mt.Takamatsu / Tanzawa Masao Ishimori
26(sun) Mt.Ryugai Mt.Hiuchi / Hanno Toshimi
2 2(sun) Kamakura Tenen / Kamakura Tomio Ego
9(sun) Mt.Takatori Taura plum forest / Miura Tokura
16(sun) Mt.Monomi Mt.Hiwada / Okumusashi Yuriko Shinohara
23(sun) Mt.Hoto / Chichibu Toshimi

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Just turn up at the meeting point. These trips are canceled only in case of continuous heavy rain or snow, or a typhoon warning.

If the hike is canceled due to rain, we will inform everyone by 7:00 on the morning of the hike via FoE Japan Twitter at <>


Lunch, drink, a flashlight, an easy emergency implement ,rain gear (not umbrella), and health insurance card in case of an accident during a hike. It is advisable to wear proper hiking or walking shoes, since some of the trails can be muddy or rocky.

1,000 Yen FOR ONE

to cover organizing costs and as a contribution toward work we are doing on environmental issues in Japan and through Friends of the Earth International in 75 countries around the world. Transportation expenses by each one.

Most hikes are about six hours of and many are in mountainous areas, so you should be reasonably fit. Although the leaders take every precaution, participation in all hikes is at your own risk.

Smokers, please use cigarette ash container, not to disturb others.