1980 Established as a member of Friends of the Earth on the recommendation of American activist David Brower.
The 80's Introducing more environmentally friendly methods of energy use in Japan.
The 80's Paul McCartney supports FoE Japan on his first visit to Japan on his World Tour.
1989 Beginning a project to stop the ODA financing of the planned construction of a huge dam at the Narumada gorge in India.
  Result: the following year, the government announced a freeze on the financing.
1990 Participating as an observer at the Swiss held Ramsar Convention.
1991 Cooperating in establishing the Japan Wetland Network.
1992 Participating as NGO at the Rio Earth Summit.
Publishing in English the NGO declaration 'Peoples' Voice', a collection of appeals made by Japanese NGOs.
1993 Participating as an observer at the Kushira (Hokkaido) held Ramsar Convention.
Setting up a NGO room for NGOs from abroad in connection with the Tokyo G7 summit.
Meeting with the then Director of the Environmental Agency, Ms. Hironaka, to exchange opinions on the G81 meeting of environment ministers.
Organizing our first Siberia Tour.
1994 Beginning of the Siberia project. Establishing a temporary office in Vladivostok, Russia.
Meeting for the first time as a Japanese environmental NGO with the then Minister of Finance, Mr. Takemura.
1995 Participating as a NGO at the Canada G7 and the World Bank general assembly in Washington.
Holding the '1st Siberia Hotspot Conference' in Vladivostok.
  Result: the selection of 50 spots (rivers, forests, islands, the sea etc.) that urgently need protection.
1996 Participating in the charity rock event 'Vladirockstok '96' in Vladivostok.
Supporting the expansion of reservations for the, from extinction threatened, Amur leopard.
  Result: An area in the coastal region was put under protection.
1997 Participating as a NGO at the Kyoto Conference on Climatic Change (COP-3).
Arranging an Eco Tour to the Baikal Sea as part of the Siberia project.
Participating as a NGO at the annual general assembly of the Asian Development Bank.
Demanding that the opinion of the local residents be heard in connection with development projects.
1998 Holding the '2nd Siberia Hotspot Conference' in Yakutsk, Russia. ->60 spots were singled out.
Beginning the Export Credit Agency (ECA) campaign.
Requesting that information about the environmental standards be made public by public financing of export credits.
Beginning a campaign to have the export agency's financing of the Philippine San Roque Dam reviewed.
1999 Organizing a NGO circle to influence the forming of the new guidelines for the Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC).
Attending the joint strategy conference of the World Bank, WTO and export credit agencies.
Participating in the WTO Seattle conference, expressing our opposition to the liberalization of the lumber trade.
Start of the Housing project and activities to curb the consumption of imported timber and promote the use of domestic wood.
Attending the Bonn held meeting of the Subsidiary Bodies of the UN Convention on Global Warming.
Reporting our Siberia activities to the Federation of Economic Organization (Keidanren).
2000 Organizing our first San Roque Dam study tour to the Philippines.
Publishing the 'Siberia Week 2000' booklet, Hotspot map and portfolio.
Starting PR activities towards consumer groups concerning the problem of deforestation and the use of domestic wood in housing construction.
In charge of the Japanese part of the report on deforestation that the World Resources Institute (WRI) handed over at the Okinawa G8.
Sponsoring the international workshop in Bonn on nuclear power and climatic change.
Participating in the FoE International Dike Action at COP-6 (Holland).
2001 Beginning the campaign to have the financing of the Kenyan Sondu-Miriu hydro electrical plant reviewed.
Starting activities for the preservation of the South Pacific islands.
Cosponsoring the 'Stop Global Warming Family Parade', a parade between Shibuya and Omote-Sando appealing for control of global warming.
Inviting guests from the South Pacific and cosponsoring the 'Stop Global Warming Symposium' with the Peace Boat.