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Invite comments to draft JBIC new env. guidelines

The JBIC is under the process of revising its environmental guidelines. The draft will be prepared by mid-2001 for public comments. Major crucial points to be included in the draft is being discussed at an independent committee where NGOs including FOEJ, experts on environment and social development, and relevant governmental agencies.

Link to Independent Study Group for Unifying JBIC Guidelines

*the Recommendations by this group on Environmental Guidelines for the JBIC was published in September, 2001. You can download the recommendations on the site as well.

      *The JBIC has released its draft Environmental Guidelines and invites comments until February 20.  


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Japanese NGOs request the following major improvements in unifying the guidelines and have organized a working group for making detailed recommendations.

  1. Respect for human rights, more consideration on environmental sustainability and social justice should be clearly mentioned in the JBIC Act.

  2. There is a need to set uniform guidelines for the new bank. Non-ODA operations which JEXIM handles should not be left with no guidelines or lower standards concerning environment and social sustainability.

  3. More rigorous environmental and social standards are needed for the new bank, at least to match international standards such as World Bank Guidelines or OECD/DAC Guidelines.

  4. Greater transparency and public participation should be promoted by having relevant guidelines and procedures.

  5. Guidelines should be given clear legal status, most preferably in some clauses or at least in an Operation Directive, which is a ministerial ordinance.

  6. In the process of setting and revising guidelines for the new bank, adequate transparency and participation of NGOs and other concerned people should be secured.

  7. In order to implement guidelines sufficiently, the functions of the environment office should be strengthened in terms of staff and structure.

Draft NGO recommendations for the new guidelines

   We welcome your comments to the draft recommendations.

- Points to be covered (Policy Matrix)
- Recommendations on Environmental Review

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